Maximising Your Sponsorship Revenue

With the right structure, tools and support.

Sports Sponsorship

Grass roots sports clubs, associations and sports authorities are often very good at attracting donations. The are a valued part of the community. With the right strategy and tools, sports teams, clubs and associations can unlock their value and establish successful sponsorship programs that deliver value for their sponsors, their members and their communities. With sponsorship revenue, sports groups can invest in additional equipment, infrastructure or support to benefit their members.

Our 3 Step Framework

Step 1 - Strategy

During this phase we discover your school’s sponsorship assets and in doing so unlock enormous value. Generally, we uncover 25% to 50% more sponsorship inventory than your school had considered.

Step 2 - Tools

Involves developing a suite of sponsorship selling tools that are designed to define the schools reach and impact in their community and suggest the potential for prospective partners.

Step 3 - Support

This phase includes coaching and a support framework for the schools Sponsorship Seekers in taking the schools new compelling proposition to market.

Your Invitation

We invite you to speak with Terry Johnston, Director to find out how your sports club, association or authority can become Sponsorship Ready.

Some sports clubs and organisations we have worked with

“College Principal Brett Kavanagh is pleased to announce that we have commenced work with Terry Johnston to make the Trade College Sponsorship Ready! Now in its 15th year, the College has produced thousands of quality Queensland tradies through school-based apprenticeship opportunities. These tradies are once again turning to the Trade College to employee the next generation of new apprentices.

Follow our page for further updates and our sponsorship launch invitation. Every opportunity – that will ‘Nail the Connection'” 

Brett Kavanagh, College Principal – Australian Trade College North Brisbane