Softball Queensland

The Challenge

As a state sporting organisation doing a great job, it was disheartening to see their sponsor partners limited to effectively supply agreements. Their go to market material by their own admission in vast need of improvement and their story really not being told to the market! They understandably focused on core business and recognised this, engaging Sponsorship Ready to take things to the next level.

Our Solution

We started from scratch. Together, we built out their sponsorship assets, developed their first ever highly professional sales tool to pitch how they can be powerful conduit to their engaged and passionate members and audience. In addition, we provided training and ongoing support in how to use the out puts of the sponsorship ready process.

The Result

The CEO is armed with a sponsorship asset register and a compelling Partnership Invitation document that talks to the organisations strengths, reach and impact. Softball Queensland has never had anything like it before and is now set up to succeed and getting audiences with blue chip brands for the first time.

From the CEO

“I can confidently say that I have found Sponsorship Ready to be absolutely reliable, efficient and quite forthcoming through the whole process. As Softball Queensland embarks on a new three year Strategic Plan and continues to encourage people to engage with softball in more ways, more places, more often, it was important that we take stock of our key assets.

Terry worked with the SQI staff to get an understanding of the sport and the organisation, to identify and analyse existing sponsorship inventory, and examine relationships sitting in all business categories and look for opportunities.

It was clear that Terry has done this process successfully many times before. He did not sugar-coat the situation and did not over promise with what he could provide. The outputs provided Softball Queensland with valuable tools to engage potential partners and a deeper understanding of how to successfully approach potential sponsors.”


Ross Symonds, Chief Executive Officer – Softball Queensland