Softball Queensland new partnership approach


Softball Queensland and CEO Ross Symonds were recently featured in an Australian Leisure Management article highlighting their new approach to sponsorship management.
An excerpt from the article:

Softball Queensland has unveiled its new approach to forming sponsorships in response to the ever-changing landscape of community and sports organisations.

With the industry still recovering after COVID-19, it has become more paramount than ever for organisations to encourage participation and demonstrate the value return for business sponsors.

Advising that the organisation’s approach to create partnerships involves understanding business objectives and tailoring a package to suit those needs, Softball Queensland Chief Executive, Ross Symonds explained “a partnership with Softball Queensland is not a request for philanthropy, with sizeable reach and impact a partnership can deliver on commercial, brand and community engagement objectives as well as help us keep Queenslanders fit, active and healthy.

“Softball Queensland is a powerful conduit to thousands of engaged and passionate supporters, players and volunteers across the state.”

Noting that sponsorship partnerships with Softball Queensland were beneficial as it promotes brand image, visibility and awareness, Symonds commented “through these vital partnerships we create a platform for our sponsors to showcase their own work and this delivers traffic to their businesses and websites.

“As well as raising brand awareness, Softball Queensland can offer prospective sponsors opportunities such as co-sponsor networking, community connection and strategies to enhance social media presence through campaigns.”

Softball Queensland and Sponsorship Ready designed the new approach to suit the changing landscape of community sports organisations and create meaningful sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Ready Director Terry Johnston said it can take as little as 90 days to get sponsorship ready which is evident through Softball Queensland’s recent additions to its portfolio.

“Softball in Queensland has a story to tell (so) it comes as no surprise to me that Softball Queensland is getting interest in the market now – I have simply helped them tell their story in a way that appeals to sponsors.

“Softball Queensland has some great sponsorship assets that can deliver business objectives.”

To read the full article, click here.

Congratulations to Ross Symonds and the Softball Queensland team. It’s great to see your efforts recognised in the media.


Terry Johnston from ​Sponsorship Ready