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Sports & School Sponsorship

Sponsorship Ready is dedicated to fostering community impact. We provide schools and clubs with effective sponsorship and social media marketing solutions, aiming to enhance engagement and empowerment. Our expertise, rooted in elite sport sponsorship principles, is distilled into three steps for both schools and clubs. We believe in empowering organisations to advocate for themselves with the right tools and strategies. Success in securing sponsorships relies on completing our program before market engagement.

Empower your school or club with Sponsorship Ready today for a transformative journey toward sponsorship success.

Our Sponsorship program will:


Harness the extensive impact of sponsorship programs to benefit the community and foster mutually beneficial relationships, linking to enhanced outcomes.


Foster stronger collaboration among stakeholders, whether it’s between school councils, P&C, and leadership or sports teams, associations, or communities.


Emphasise transparency, clear boundaries, and structured approaches when engaging with small to medium-sized businesses.


Professionally showcase the institution’s identity, vision, and values, alongside its governance standards, to the broader community or sporting fraternity.


Cultivate new, sustainable revenue streams to support ongoing initiatives and growth.

Proven 3-Step Framework

Step 1 - Strategy

During this phase, we discover your school or club’s sponsorship assets, and in doing so, unlock enormous value. Generally, we uncover 25% to 50% more sponsorship inventory than your school or club had considered.

Step 2 - Tools

Involves developing a suite of sponsorship selling tools that are designed to define the school’s reach and impact in the community and increase the potential for prospective partners.

Step 3 - Support

This phase includes coaching and a support framework for the school’s sponsorship seekers in taking the school’s new compelling proposition to market.

I have enjoyed working with Terry and Sponsorship Ready to help us streamline and guide us along the way to engage and partner with local businesses who want to support the College in our mission of Christian education.

Paul Thompson
Principal ‑ Bundaberg Christian College

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