Build a connected School Community


​Schools that have rich community engagement programs are more likely to create vetter sponsorship educational opportunities for students, teachers, parents, and the wider school. School sponsors can help play a part in this as well as deliver incremental revenue for the school.

​Share your schools purpose, vision, values

​By sharing your school’s purpose, vision and values effectively to your schools community, it drives positive impact on brand visibility and awareness for both sponsors and schools.

With your community in tune with your schools vision, it’s easier to connect with the right sponsors that represent similar values and secure the right sponsorship educational opportunities.

Understand what a sponsors objectives are

​All too often schools miss out on building these relationships because they present benefits without understanding the motivations of prospective sponsors, so to enable your best chance of finding the right sponsorship platform – remember this! Schools have so much to offer!

Understand that your schools sponsorship strategy should sit alongside other key strategies

Strategic partnerships, communications strategy and marketing strategy​. Engaging with sponsors, bringing them into your sponsor family is therefore a great opportunity delivering more than just revenue.


Terry Johnston from ​Sponsorship Ready