School Prospectus Vs Sponsorship Invitation


While a school prospectus sums up what your schools offers and what makes you unique to prospective sponsors, students and their families, it is also important to look at the marketing collateral your school has in place to ensure your key messaging is conveyed across all marketing mediums.

It’s helpful to consider the kind of digital and printed material your school needs, especially if you have new branding and need to update things.

School marketing collateral can include:

  1. School Prospectus – make the right impression
  2. Stationary – For a consistent look and feel
  3. Digital templates – To save you time
  4. Banners and leaflets – Get your school noticed

Sponsorship Ready can save you time by creating all your required collateral, from a striking School prospectus design to useful digital templates. We will organise it all and tie everything in with your school brand, so you can hit the ground running. Ask us how!

Sponsorship Ready can support your school in producing a range of social media templates that encompass your brand identity while acting as an extension of your school prospectus. Learn more here. 

Sponsorship Ready provides schools with the right strategy, tools, and support so that schools can manage their sponsorship program themselves.


Terry Johnston from ​Sponsorship Ready