School Marketing

Need some extra support?

​​Any school sponsorship campaign should be underpinned by strong, consistent and professional marketing to provide the platform for engagement and ultimately sales. The same can be said for enrolment marketing.

So if your school needs support to help convey all the great work you are doing across Academic, Sporting, Health and Wellbeing and community engagement programs – please let us know!

Our services include…











Marketing Services

Photography & Video

With a suite of professional shot images or videos, you can drive an integrated approach and update the main sliders on your website, display professional shots that really showcase and sell your purpose, vision and values. Plus, wow audiences on your social media channels, get people clicking on your email marketing campaigns, and generally look your best as a company – there are eyeballs everywhere.

Brand Style Guide

​Your school’s brand is your community calling card: it’s how you’re identified and remembered. When somebody sees your logo or your school colors, it immediately evokes an emotion in them, whether that’s admiration, indifference or something else depends on your reputation and how you have marketed yourself. That’s why driving a consistent branding approach is crucial for schools to succeed in Sponsorship!

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team provides a professional graphic design service from conception of brand concepts and design ideas right through to finished print jobs. Our edge is that it won’t just be a ‘pretty picture’. You’ll be dealing with people who understand all facets of the educational space and graphic design and how it relates with your overall online and offline marketing and business strategies.

Website Copywriting

Are you driving an integrated online / offline approach? Writing for websites is an art. It needs to be cut-through and resonate with your school communities, offer solutions to their problems and communicate benefits, not just features of your service. We wordsmith up engaging copy for school staff who are time-poor and struggling to find the time to sit down and devote to website copy and require a quick turnaround.

Marketing Services

People only retain 10% of information they hear, yet if relevant imagery is paired with the same information, the retention rate is 65%

The data never lies