School Brand Guidelines: Why they are important


Your brand is your identity and the way your school becomes recognisable and can be differentiated from other schools in the eyes of your school community.

So much so that today, 89% of people stay loyal to brands that share their values.

So, when it comes to building a strong school identity and connection to community, one of the ways to ensure your school team understands your school brand is through creating a set of branding and logo guidelines.

So, what exactly are brand guidelines?

Simply put, brand guidelines are a set of rules, definitions and examples that explain your brand and how to utilise your brand assets. This includes colours, logos, fonts, imagery and more.

From print to your school’s website and social media, the intent of branding guidelines is to ultimately drive a consistent and feel across all your school assets.

That’s why, here at Sponsorship Ready, we work with schools to provide brand guidelines that save you and your team time by having an easily accessible document, that’s simple to navigate and comprehend and includes:


  • How to use your logo:
  • minimum sizes, spacing and where not to place it
  • secondary logos (a school crest, or house-specific logos), include them as well.


  • A clear outline of your school’s primary and secondary colour palettes


  • A clear guideline of typefaces that you use at your school for headings and body copy across the web and print, and how to access them.


  • How to use imagery across photo and illustrations
  • Different platform usages
  • Examples of how all your assets work together
  • a screenshot of your website homepage
  • a social media post
  • a brochure
  • a photo of school merchandise (such as a water bottle or backpack).

Sponsorship Ready has a talented team of marketers and graphic designers who can build your school brand and logo guidelines and support in driving brand consistency.


Terry Johnston from ​Sponsorship Ready