Revitalising a School’s Reputation: How Sponsorship Can Help Change Brand Perception


Schools today face a competitive landscape where having a strong brand perception can mean the difference between attracting new students and securing funding or falling behind. However, it’s not always easy to change a school’s brand perception, especially if it’s been negative in the past. One effective way to change a school’s brand perception is through sponsorship.

Identify the school’s current brand perception

Before you can change a school’s brand perception, you need to understand what it currently is. This could include gathering feedback from parents, students, and staff, as well as looking at metrics such as enrolment numbers and funding. Once you have a clear understanding of the school’s current brand perception, you can begin to develop a plan to change it.

Identify key sponsors

Identify the key sponsors who align with the school’s mission and values and have the resources to make a significant impact. This can include local businesses, non-profit organisations, and philanthropists.

Develop a sponsorship document

The sponsorship document should clearly communicate how the sponsorship will align with the school’s mission and values and the benefits to the sponsor and the school. The proposal should also highlight the school’s achievements and successes, and how the sponsorship will contribute to changing the school’s brand perception.

Communicate the sponsorship and its impact

Once the sponsorship is secured, communicate the sponsorship and its impact to the school community and beyond. This could include a press release, social media posts, and an event to recognize the sponsor. This will help to demonstrate that the school’s brand perception is changing and that the school is being recognized for its achievements and successes.

Measure and evaluate the success of the branding strategy

To determine the success of the branding strategy, it’s important to measure and evaluate the impact it has on the school’s brand perception. Use metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, enrolment numbers, and funding to track your progress and adjust as necessary.

In conclusion, changing a school’s brand perception is a critical task that can be achieved with the help of sponsorship. By following the steps outlined above, schools can effectively change their brand perception and attract new students, secure funding, and create a sustainable revenue stream. With the help of Sponsorship Ready’s 3-step framework, schools can deliver on a sponsor’s business, brand, and community engagement objectives while effectively conveying their purpose, vision, and values, and improving brand perception.

Sponsorship Ready’s leading and proven 3-step framework enables schools to successfully deliver on a sponsor’s business, brand, and community engagement objectives, while effectively conveying their school’s purpose, vision, and values as well improving brand perception.

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Terry Johnston from ​Sponsorship Ready