Keperra Country Golf Club

The Challenge

The General Manager of the Keperra Country Golf Club asked us to help improve how the club’s brand was portrayed in the market. Key performance indicators were used to measure return on investment.

Our Solution

We assisted Keperra Country Golf Club to become Sponsorship Ready by taking the organisation through our framework, and developing attractive selling tools to assist in taking the proposition to market.

The Result

There has been more than a 400% increase on their original sponsorship base!

From the General Manager

“The professional selling tools created from the process are professional and align with how we wish for our brand to be portrayed in the market. The results have been more than impressive and we are genuine contenders in assisting brands connect with the community, and moreover, deliver commercial return for investment.

​We now have a strategy, and would recommend the program to any golf club seeking to go to the next level in raising revenue so they can continue to reinvest in the club and keep their members happy, healthy and active.”


Gavin Lawrence, General Manager, Keperra Country Golf Club