Is it time to update your school prospectus, photography, and videography?


Sponsorship Ready’s leading and proven 3-step framework provides peace of mind for school’s wanting to successfully deliver on business, brand, and community engagement objectives, while effectively conveying their school’s purpose, vision, and values.

Your school prospectus, website and social media is the first port of call for parents when deciding on which schools to consider for their children.

That’s why it is so essential that your prospectus photography captures the heart of your school.

Your schools image bank of school marketing photography needs to cover leadership, programs, learning, teachers teaching, programs in action, candid shots that showcase students in an engaging learning environment which can then be used across all your school marketing channels.

Commissioning and producing a professional video to position your school in the heart and mind of the community is something worth seriously considering too.

A few key questions to ask:

  • Does your school prospectus professionally promote your school’s purpose, vision, and values? Your programs? Your leadership?
  • Does the imagery talk to the essence of your school’s brand?
  • Does your image bank contain your school’s community engagement initiatives in action?  Or your Health and wellbeing initiatives in action?
  • Does your school prospectus need updating? Is it on brand?
  • Does your schools style guide need updating?
  • Do you need a half day or full day photography shoot to refresh your image bank?
  • Have you considered a professional video package?
  • Are you using a school prospectus to present to prospective sponsors?

Sponsorship Ready provides schools with the right strategy, tools, and support so that schools can manage their sponsorship program themselves. Ask us about our services:

  • School Prospectus
  • School Photography
  • School Video
  • School Social Media Templates
  • School Branding
  • School Professional Development in:
    • Leveraging school sponsorship
    • Social media marketing
    • Capacity building in school marketing

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Next up: Is there a difference between a school prospectus and collateral used to present to prospective sponsors? 


Terry Johnston from ​Sponsorship Ready