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    School Sponsorship

    Sponsorship Ready is a professional development and capacity building program that supports schools in driving sustainable Sponsorship solutions through a proven 3-step framework:
    • Leverage the enormous reach and impact sponsorship programs for students have on their communities and develop mutually beneficial sponsorship relationships that can be linked to improving outcomes for students.
    • Create deeper collaboration between school council, P&C and school leadership.
    • Highlight transparency, clear boundaries, and framework to work within in approaching small to medium sized businesses in their catchment.
    • Promote the school’s identity, purpose, vision and values to the wider community professionally as well as showcase the good governance it has in place.
    • Establish a new and sustainable revenue stream.

    Some of the school’s we have worked with

    “College Principal Brett Kavanagh is pleased to announce that we have commenced work with Terry Johnston to make the Trade College Sponsorship Ready! Now in its 15th year, the College has produced thousands of quality Queensland tradies through school-based apprenticeship opportunities. These tradies are once again turning to the Trade College to employee the next generation of new apprentices.

    Follow our page for further updates and our sponsorship launch invitation. Every opportunity – that will ‘Nail the Connection'” 

    Brett Kavanagh, College Principal – Australian Trade College North Brisbane