Ascot State School

The Challenge

When we first started working with Ascot State School, we understood very quickly that they had great academic programs, impactful annual events and were part of a vibrant community. The school had an established philanthropic program, and identified that they were ready to introduce a sponsorship program. They wanted assistance to ensure this was executed properly.

Our Solution

​We worked with Ascot State School to get them sponsorship ready. This work included identifying sponsorship assets, creating tools to attract sponsors, and coaching staff to feel confident tailoring sponsorship packages to suit the needs of each new sponsor.

The Result

Once we worked together to become sponsorship ready, Ascot State School used their tools to attract real cash-paying sponsors to the school. The staff at Ascot State School continue to use these tools today, attracting sponsors to their school community.

From the P&C President

“The Ascot State School P&C is very grateful to Terry for the strategy and design work he conducted during 2017 and 2018 to put the sponsorship program into a professional and sustainable state. Our school has a very active and passionate school community, and many members of the community looking for a commercial connection between their enterprises and the ethos of the school.

Terry helped framed up how the school would benefit from a more professional program, and how the sponsors/partners would benefit from a more professional program. The work Terry did is still the basis for the sponsorship work we do now. And that sponsorship program has had a material impact on the financial position of our P&C, which has enabled a material impact on the learning environment of our students. Terry knows what he is talking about.”


Byron Reistra, President – P&C, Ascot State School