A common misconception: Sponsorship vs. Fundraising


sponsorship vs. fundraising

“We play a big role in the community but so far cannot really convert that to sponsorship revenue” 

Sound familiar? There’s often a common misconception for schools when it comes to fundraising versus sponsorship. 

While fundraising still plays an important role in schools, therein lies a common disconnect regarding the role Sponsorship Ready plays when it comes to supporting schools across their Sponsorship journeys. 

So, what’s the difference between Sponsorship and Fundraising? 

Well, Sponsorship in general is a relationship, similar to advertising. 

That means sponsors want to see a return – whether that’s measured in marketing value, generating new business, brand recognition or delivering on community engagement objectives, it needs to be there. 

This has always been clear in the more transactional world of sponsorship, but increasingly individual donors are seeing their philanthropy as an investment, too. 

Whereas School Fundraising is more about identifying and giving to causes that people care about and tapping into altruistic motivations. 

Understanding this difference will drastically impact how you approach your school community when it comes to school sponsorship. 

Schools are extremely capable of delivering on business, brand, and community engagement objectives of its sponsors, and in many cases more effectively and certainly cost effectively than other mediums like print or radio or billboards. Schools and their leadership are powerful conduits and advocates within their respective communities

 But schools need to understand to gravitate from donations or fundraising to that of genuine sponsorship their narrative needs to change!

So, how do you change the narrative?

  • How are you defining your schools reach and impact?
  • How are you professionally promoting your school’s purpose, vision, and values?
  • How are you capturing and connecting the heart of your school?
  • Can you talk to sponsors about their objectives rather than just benefits?
  • Have you effectively positioned your schools sponsorship program to run alongside your more philanthropic program/s?

If any of these questions are challenging to answer concisely, Sponsorship Ready could be the right solution for your school.

Sponsorship Ready does not include selling sponsorship in schools.

Sponsorship Ready provides schools with the right strategy, tools and support so that schools can manage their sponsorship program themselves.

So, what are you waiting for?


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